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A Bit About Golden Pet Nutrition

Golden Pet Nutrition officially began making dog food in 2021.  We were concerned that our aging Golden Retriever was not getting the proper nutrition she needed.   We found what we thought were really good foods at pet stores but weren't completely happy with the ingredients. After speaking with several Veterinarians about pet nutrition and dong extensive research, we decided to begin this journey! Loaded with all of this information we began experimenting and making different blends for our very own pack.

We use only the freshest fruits, veggies and meats.  Slow cooked in small batches to retain value of nutrients.  We don't use artificial preservatives or fillers and have done extensive taste testing, leading us to the blends we have today. You can see that we have a passion for healthy and happy furry family members. Seeing them enjoy the meals and watching them flourish in health we knew we had to share this with others.

Golden Pet Nutrition is licensed as approved feed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and fully insured.

Fresh nutritious dog food doesn't have to be complicated.

Let us do the cooking for you!


At this time Dog Food is only local delivery however our Dog Treats will ship anywhere in the USA!

Fresh Produce

We only cook with the freshest fruits, vegetables and meats. With no artificial preservatives or fillers.


Frozen for freshness.


To retain all of the valuable nutrients.

Meet the Golden Pet Nutrition Team

It is a family affair at Golden Pet Nutrition.  Our pack is always on the go!  Everyone has a title and a position in our family owned company.  We take pride in our product and guarantee freshness. 

If we wouldn't eat it, we won't sell it!

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May 6 through October 7, 2023

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Golden Pet Nutrition's Happy Customers


- Please Note -

At this time Dog Treats ship anywhere in the USA &

Dog Food is only delivered locally in North Georgia

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