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Golden Pet Nutrition is here to answer any questions you may have about our homemade dog food and dog treats.  If you don't see your question here? Contact us and we will do our very best to answer it.

  • What did dogs eat before "dog food" existed?
    Dogs used to eat raw meat and table scraps. However, the table scraps of yester-Year were not what they are today. They were nutritious fruits, vegetables and grains. And THAT is why Golden Pet Nutrition has the recipes we do now!
  • When did "dog food" first become a thing?
    About 1860, the first "biscuit" was a mix of vegetables, beef blood, wheat meal and beetroot. The commercial market for dog food took off from there!
  • What's the deal with kibble?
    Although kibble is accepted in the commercial feed industry, it's just that! Commercial FEED. It's FEED grade, not FOOD grade. Why would we think that's okay for our furry family members to survive on, solely for their entire lives? Golden Pet Nutrition doesn't. Many nutrients are lost when kibble is created, because of the fast, high-heat process. Therefore, flavor enhancers and synthetic nutrients are added to replace what's lost. In this process, carcinogens are created that could be detrimental to the long term health of your precious pooch.
  • What are some of the risks of feeding my dog only kibble?
    Dehydration: Kibble has little to no moisture, so this puts your dog in an almost constant state of dehydration. This would be like us humans, eating nothing but a variety of crackers - for our entire diet! This can cause many health concerns, including but not limited to lethargy, dry nose and gums, and loss of appetite. Bacteria: There is a risk for bacteria to be present in all dry food because a little bug called a 'storage mite' can rapidly multiply in dry food. This means that your pet can become very sensitive to this mite over long term feeding and thus may have inflamed or itchy skin, hair loss and ear infections. Shelf life: From the moment you open a bag of dry food, the fats that are coated on the food during the production process start to go rancid! Consuming rancid fats in kibble over a long period of time destroys the vitamins and will eventually lead to deficiencies. Other health issues have been linked to rancid fats, such as kidney and liver disease, diarrhea and cancer.
  • What should I be feeding my dog INSTEAD?
    Fresh, human grade ingredients - plain and simple. This includes healthy fats and a balance of carbs, protein and other nutrients. This is why we created Golden Pet Nutrition!
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